Hi, I'm Sales_Man_Obi

Digital Marketer & Sales Strategist.....

With Experience in marketing, sales and information technology, I help business owners and young entrepreneurs discover ways on how to plan, profit and produce result in their businesses.


Being In Business Can Be  a Little Bit StressFul, But Having Someone Who will Help You Walk Through And Come Out Better Than Imagines Is worth It

Content Startegy

Sometimes its not as if we do not know what to do to get access to the right customers or clients but we do not just have the best strategy to dish out our content. With me by your side this is literally a small task. 

Digital Marketing

Technology has helped to aid businesses and it will be wrong to do business only in a traditional way. With digital transformation strategies and tools, i have been able to help businesses double clients and customers on a daily basis. Let me help You do the same


In a world where selling is a survival method. It’s either  you SELL or be SOLD. With strategies that have helped me and my clients make profits without hassle.


Being able to build a network is one thing, but building a network out of results is one that I enjoy.  With a network capacity of over 4000 students, I am glad to work with you to achieve the results others have achieved


Brands i Have worked with

My Favorites

[Nigeria's No- 1 Sales Coach]

They say when people cannot meet you physically, they google you.  When people google you and they are being directed to your webspace, they need to see an excellent web representation of you and your brand. With skills in  Digitization,  I recreated the web experience of the NO 1 – SALES-COACH IN NIGERIA. 



No matter the product you sell or what business you are into, Sales is still a core factor. Working with Nature’s Touch has been an exciting journey from making Less Than 10k naira Per Month to doing over half a million naira in 6 months. 


TOP Clients

Nothing Hits better than being the solution to a person or a business. With Well Structured Procedures, My clients Are Multiplying sales and experiencing Massive Business Growth.

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